Are you eligible?

Any U.S. citizen who developed a qualifying disability before the age of 26 is eligible for an account. If someone can’t open an account themselves, an Authorized Legal Representative (also known as an ALR) can do it for them.

An ALR must be able to demonstrate that they have been designated as the Power of Attorney, Legal Guardian or Conservator for the beneficiary. If the beneficiary is under the age of 18, the ALR can also be a parent.


What are the ABLE benefits?

You can save and invest up to $15,000 a year for a wide range of eligible expenses. The account’s growth is tax free and your contributions may qualify for a state income tax deduction.

Best of all, your benefits won’t be affected, including your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as long as the account stays below $100,000. Other benefits are not affected regardless of the amount saved in the account.

You’ll also have access to our network of established partners in the disability community for more support in reaching your financial goals.


How does it work?

The account can be managed online, so it’s easy to access, contribute, withdraw money or load to a prepaid card account; even friends and family can add to the account. It’s never been easier to save and invest for your future.