Authorized Legal Representative

ABLE accounts were created as a tool that empowers people with disabilities to save, invest, and live with greater independence. And while accounts were designed to be managed by the person with a disability, not every saver can manage their account independently. In those cases, the beneficiary can choose to have someone else manage their account as an Authorized Legal Representative (ALR).

An ALR can open an ABLE account for an eligible beneficiary.

An ALR is anyone (in the following order of priority) who:

  • was chosen by the beneficiary

  • has Power of Attorney

  • is a conservator or legal guardian

  • is a spouse, parent, sibling, or grandparent

  • is a representative payee (individual or organization) appointed by the Social Security Administration

ALRs are encouraged to use supported decision-making and include the person with a disability as much as possible. The money in an ABLE account will always belong to the beneficiary, no matter who opens the account or manages the funds.

Beneficiaries and ALRs can also access ABLE account funds on the go when they sign up for the ABLE Visa Prepaid Card. Cardholders can load the prepaid card with money from the account and conveniently use it for eligible expenses whenever and wherever they want. The cards come with custom features and controls for added protection.


Opening an ABLE for ALL Savings Plan account for a child, or someone you care for, empowers them to become more financially independent, more confident, and more secure about their future.

ABLE accounts are for the things they require today and the things they may need or want in the future. Whether it’s a home of their own, additional care, or training for a first job, an ABLE for ALL Savings Plan account can help support their goals.

Open an account as an Individual ALR


Organizations can also serve as ALRs for beneficiaries that need help managing their ABLE account. If your organization manages the finances for or supports clients with disabilities, enrolling as an Organizational ALR with the ABLE for ALL Savings Plan can help your clients save and invest for their future.

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