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Can I open a new ABLE for ALL Savings Plan account if my previous ABLE for ALL Savings Plan account was closed?

Yes, log into your closed account using your email and password, then find the “Create new account” link to get started.

Who can open an ABLE account for an eligible beneficiary?
An adult beneficiary with a qualifying disability can open and manage an ABLE account. If a beneficiary is under the age of 18 or unable to open an account on their own, they must have an Authorized Legal Representative (also known as an ALR) do it for them. An ALR must be anyone who is selected by... Read more
Can I enroll and manage an ABLE account with a paper form?

The easiest and fastest way to enroll for and manage an ABLE account is online. If you want to use paper forms for enrollment or managing your account, you can find the forms here.

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Can I open and/or manage more than one ABLE account?
Yes, you can have an ABLE account for yourself and/or open and manage multiple ABLE accounts for beneficiaries as their Authorized Legal Representative. Remember that each ABLE account can be connected to one or more bank accounts. Remember that each beneficiary can have only one ABLE account at a... Read more
How do I add another ABLE account?
You can do this two ways: Logged out, from the sign-up page Sign up for a new ABLE account. During the first step of registration there will be a link to sign in. Log in and follow the steps to create an ABLE account for either yourself or your beneficiary.  Logged in, from the dashboard of your... Read more
Where can I find my account number?
You can find all the information about an ABLE account on the Overview page. The account number is at the top of that page. The rest of the information about the beneficiary's account — including contact info, condition, customization, money allocation, and yearly goal — can be viewed and edited... Read more
Can a Social Security Representative Payee open an account for a beneficiary?
If you're an eligible beneficiary with a Representative Payee, you can open an account for yourself. To have a Representative Payee open an account for you, they must meet the requirements of an Authorized Legal Representative (anyone who is selected by the eligible beneficiary with legal capacity,... Read more
What are the fees?
There are some fees to keep the account up and running. The annual flat fee is $35, plus an annual administrative fee of 0.30% to 0.34% of the account's balance and fees for the investment option. Additional fees are added based on how you use the account: $10 per year for paper statements when... Read more
How much does it cost to open an account?

Opening an account doesn't cost anything. You'll need to make an initial transfer of at least $25 to get started. There are some fees to keep the lights running. Check them out here.

Are there restrictions to open an account?

Your current age doesn't matter if the disability or blindness developed before you were 26 years old. There's legislation proposed to raise the age, but for now you can't open an account if your disability or blindness occurred after age 26.