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Can I use ABLE funds to pay for a vacation?

Yes, a vacation does qualify as an eligible expense as long as it can help maintain or improve the health, independence, or quality of life of the person living with a disability.

Can money in an ABLE account be recovered in a bankruptcy?

No. The ABLE for ALL Savings Plan is protected from bankruptcy.

Can I make direct deposits into an ABLE account?
Users can contribute to their accounts using fast, secure direct deposits from either the Social Security Administration or their paycheck. Complete the setup process in three simple steps: Log in to your ABLE account and click on “Direct Deposit” on the Total Balance tile. Or, once logged in, go... Read more
Can I enroll and manage an ABLE account with a paper form?

The easiest and fastest way to enroll for and manage an ABLE account is online. If you want to use paper forms for enrollment or managing your account, you can find the forms here.

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Can I connect more than one bank account to an ABLE account?
Yes, you can connect more than one bank account as well as multiple types of bank accounts. Each account and type will need to be connected individually, but you can have both savings and checking accounts linked to your account at one time. The Account Owner/Custodian or Beneficiary must own the... Read more
How do I add multiple bank accounts?
Once you're logged into your ABLE account, find your “Accounts” section in Your Profile and click on “Add a new bank account.” Follow the steps to connect a new bank account associated with either the beneficiary of the ABLE account or the Authorized Legal Representative's name. Keep in mind that... Read more
What type of bank accounts can I add?

You can connect a checking or savings account.

How do I manage different bank accounts with multiple beneficiaries?

If you are managing ABLE accounts for more than one beneficiary, you can use the same banking information on multiple accounts. The bank account has to be added to each plan account individually.

Can I open and/or manage more than one ABLE account?
Yes, you can have an ABLE account for yourself and/or open and manage multiple ABLE accounts for beneficiaries as their Authorized Legal Representative. Remember that each ABLE account can be connected to one or more bank accounts. Remember that each beneficiary can have only one ABLE account at a... Read more
How do I add another ABLE account?
You can do this two ways: Logged out, from the sign-up page Sign up for a new ABLE account. During the first step of registration there will be a link to sign in. Log in and follow the steps to create an ABLE account for either yourself or your beneficiary.  Logged in, from the dashboard of your... Read more